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Cultivating Connections: AgriStart’s Experience at evokeAG 2024

Experience the excitement of AgriStart’s journey through evokeAG 2024, where agricultural innovation took center stage. From the captivating South West Investor Tour to Natasha Teakle’s insightful presentation at the evokeAG Conference, immerse yourself in a whirlwind of collaboration, learning, and opportunity. Discover how AgriStart is revolutionising the industry through meaningful connections, innovative ideas, and a commitment to shaping a more sustainable future for agriculture.

Agtech investment conversations: less hype and more authentic

I get frustrated at conferences when keynote speakers and panellists just tell you how wonderful everything is. That doesn’t help anyone. We learn from the challenges and hard lessons. We feel less of a failure when other businesses open up about difficulties raising. Thank you to Gerard Chia for your refreshing insights into the challenges you recently faced in raising your second VC fund – $170million for Clay Capital fka VisVires New Protein was an immense effort!

Harvesting Innovation: Agtech Showcase Shines a Spotlight on Western Australia’s Startup Ecosystem

Explore Agtech Innovation at HARVEST Agtech Showcase 2023! Congrats to standout startups. For 7 years, HARVEST has nurtured agtech in WA. Liam O’Connell, DPIRD, applauds innovation. Don’t miss evokeAG in Perth this February. Supported by DPIRD, GRDC, Wrays, CSBP, AgriFutures, Wheatbelt Commission. Thanks, RASWA and Rocky Ridge Brewing Co. Stay tuned for HARVEST 2024 opportunities.

Exploring AgTech Horizons: Unveiling Innovations on the AgriStart HARVEST Field Trip

It was a busy two days for the AgriStart HARVEST cohort who journeyed  throughout the Wheatbelt South sub-region with site visits at and between Brookton, Cuballing, Narrogin, Wagin and Williams. The Field Trip has been part of the HARVEST program …

Exploring AgTech Horizons: Unveiling Innovations on the AgriStart HARVEST Field Trip Read More

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