Cultivating Connections: AgriStart’s Experience at evokeAG 2024

We were excited to be part of the highly anticipated evokeAG 2024 as hosts of the South West Investor Tour and as an exhibiting business in front of the 1700 delegates who attended this global showcase of the brightest minds, ideas and innovations in the agricultural sector.


Our evokeAG South West Investor Tour participants shared their experience of the tour as being thought provoking, with fantastic site visits and appreciated the connections, contacts and conversations in the company of a great mix of start ups, investors and ecosystem builders.

Thank you to Chris De Cuyper from Fremantle Seaweed, Leith Johnston from Bunbury Farmers Market, Scott Bell and Jordan Parker from Capel Marron Farm, Rob Davis from South West Angels, all the crew and chef Tony Howell at Busselton Jetty, Matthew Macfarlane and Rebecca Bradford from AgriFutures Australia, Drew and Ross from Rocky Ridge Brewing Co.

Tour guests enjoyed hearing about investment war stories and the Q&A after, the local food and beverages, and the Pitch Night 1.8 metres out to sea and 8 metres under at the Busselton Jetty Underwater Observatory – thank you to Everclime, Aquatic AI, Reset Mind Sciences , Orijin Plus, and Pairtree Intelligence.

The tour proved to be a highlight for participants like Eric Berrill, CEO of Nork Solutions. Eric shared his excitement, particularly his visit to Capel Marron Farm and the benefits of networking:

With my lot-feeder beef cattle background, it was interesting for me to draw parallels with a similar high density farming, but for aquatic livestock. It helps that our businesses can work together. We have locked in a time to meet and discuss our capacity to supply them with our cheaper, high quality livestock feed. Furthermore, we touched on an opportunity for them to contact manufacture feed pellets for my company, better utilising untapped capacity of their manufacturing equipment. I also had many great conversations learning about others' businesses, and learnt a few new things in the workshop. One individual in particular shared their experience to offer informed, specific advice on a growth opportunity Nork is currently undertaking.
Eric Berrill
Managing Director, Nork Solutions

This tour wasn’t just about sightseeing; it was about forging meaningful connections and exploring potential partnerships that could revolutionise the industry.

Thank you to  AgriFutures evokeAG for the opportunity and the support of Department of Primary Industries & Regional Development.

What an amazing opportunity AgriFutures evokeAG presents for the startups and scaleups we strive to support.

Innovation Cluster and AgriStart MD Natasha Teakle welcomed the investor community at the evokeAG Investors Dinner giving an overview on some of the opportunities for #collaborativeagriculture , and drew from her grain-growing roots to discuss the intricate details of sustainable growth in agriculture, particularly in the challenging climate and soil conditions of Western Australia. 

evokeAG 2024 was more than just a conference; it was a convergence of visionaries, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders united by a common goal: to revolutionise agriculture for the better. 

Innovation Cluster’s agri branch AgriStart continues to be part of pushing the boundaries of agricultural innovation by participating in industry events like evokeAG and delivering programs such as the upcoming HARVEST Agtech Accelerator which serve as a catalyst for growth and collaboration.

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