We are excited to launch our Entrepreneurship Facilitator Program, a free Workforce Australia service, delivered by Innovation Cluster.

The program will provide support and training on how to generate and implement business ideas that meet areas of demand and identify knowledge gaps and development opportunities that align with a person’s individualised skills, experience, requirements and aspirations.

Peter and Ash will work with eligible individuals and businesses to map the opportunities available to them in WA’s innovation ecosystem – funding programs, accelerator and incubator services, co-working spaces, enterprise and innovation hubs, potential customers, consultants, mentors, peer-to-peer support, and more!

We are calling for anyone in our networks, and beyond, to let us know what you need from us to support your entrepreneurial journey.

Please also reach out if you are interested in joining the group of support organisations and individuals that we refer people to, or to be a guest speaker, workshop facilitator or mentor supporting our network with events such as:

  • Meeting local entrepreneurs, celebrating success stories and hearing firsthand experiences to help others decide if starting a business is right for them

  • Expert advice on the benefits and challenges of small business ownership

  • Workshops and resources on starting a business and operating commercially
  • Functions and networking events to engage with the local small business support ecosystem
The Innovation Cluster Team: Melanie Timms, Ashleigh Roberts, Claire Marchand-Johns, Natasha Teakle, Peter Clarke

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