Southern Ports Hackathon 

What an incredible start to the week-long Southern Ports Iron Ore Loading Circuit Hackathon event last Friday! It was so exciting to watch seven talented teams come together, with the perfect mix of data scientists, students, researchers, industry professionals and developers. 

A special shout out to Ethan Cobb, Nicholas Ettlinger and Andrew Bell from the Innovation Central Perth Team and Jane Hogben and Kelvin Hands from the Southern Ports Team for being incredible to work with to bring all of this together over the last few months.


A big thank you to Marty Stafford and Tom Firth for their time on Friday, providing the teams with the required loading circuit asset management background and context to set them up for successful hacking!


The hackathon will conclude Friday 28 April, and it’s exciting to see how each team is already approaching the problem. 

Keep an eye out on our socials to hear which team manages to secure first place!

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