Meet the Entrepreneur ‘Lisa’s Story’ 

We heard an inspirational story of entrepreneurship at Eighth Avenue Social for the latest ‘Meet the Entrepreneur’ event! Some takeaways from Lisa’s story: 


    • Look for the potential for growth at every “wrong” turn. 

    • You cannot go into business and expect to leave your personal life out of it. 

    • If your creative cup is overflowing professionally you need to make sure your cup at home isn’t diminishing. 

    • So many people out there have struggled with business and they have pushed through it. Find ways to talk to as many people as you can to hear their stories and experiences and learn about how they have tackled their challenges.
    • Always be confident in the services you are providing.  

    • Try doing a SWOT analysis to increase your awareness of how you manage stressful situations. Use it to identify threats to your stress levels and improve your stress management weaknesses. 

    • During the lows, surround yourself with the right people to communicate your challenges to, so that they can help build you up. 

    • Customer Service is quickly becoming a Lost Art – use this to your advantage and make customer service your strength. 

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