Latitude 28 Produce

Latitude 28 Produce is advancing the uptake, trust in and high regard for authentic, quality Australian produce through their ground-breaking new technologies. Latitude 28 completed the HARVEST program in 2018 and became one of the first businesses to provide a blockchain tracking solution to beef, and have gone on to execute their direct-to-consumer strategy to Hong Kong, China and Australia, and have have raised a significant amount of capital.

Director James Williamson believes HARVEST helped them to focus on the business in detail with all its moving parts and determine which areas to focus on that were important to external interested stakeholder and potential investors. Harvest fast-tracked the connections they needed to service providers such as legal experts, industry bodies, and government agencies many of which we have ongoing relationships with. The free support and individual attention  received from supply partners, government and industry bodies would not have been possible without HARVEST.

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